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Are Pelco Digital Sentry DSSRV NVRs Compatible With Endura VMS?

I'm responding to an RFP for a college that has several existing stand-alone Pelco Digital Sentry DSSRV NVR's at locations on campus. They RFP requires upgrading to use Pelco Endura as part of an Enterprise solution. Does anyone know if the DSSRV's are compatible with Endura? I cannot find any information on the Pelco website to confirm or deny if they are.

I just emailed Pelco asking for an answer.

I received a reply from Pelco tech support stating:

There are specific Endura components (IE NET5404T’s) that will work on a Digital Sentry system. However, the Endura / Digital Sentry systems are not fully compatible. Digital Sentry uses unicast streams to display the video. Endura uses multicast streams. Their network will need to be modified to properly support Endura.

The NET5404T they reference is a video encoder. So I am assuming that the cameras and encoders might be able to be re-used but the Digital Sentry NVR's will need to be changed out and the network configured to support multicast traffic in order upgrade to Endura.

Are there any Pelco techs here that can shed some light on this?

That was Pelco's way of saying "No"

If they currently have DSSRV you can turn those into client stations by installing the Endura client. (At the end of the day DSSRV is just a windows box)

The software can't connect to both DSSRV and Endura.

If I understand you correctly, the DSSRV NVR's won't migrate to Endura, but might be able to be used as client workstations?

Correct, I'm sorry its been about a year since I have played with any of the pelco equipment, but the hardware that is delivered on the WS5070 is similar to the hardware that the DSSRV is delivered on. You just need to buy the client liscense.

[IPVM Editor's Note: Carey Schock is a Pelco spokesperson.]

The answer to combine both DSSRV and Endura will be Pelco Software Aggregation. This solution will be available in Q4 and we will be showcasing this capability at ASIS in Atlanta.

Currently, Pelco Software Aggregation introduces a unified browser interface to aggregate two or more Endura systems...we released this last summer. The Q4 release will enable the aggregation of both Endura and DS systems into a unified browser interface.

Hope this helps.

PS: in case you want some more info about existing capabilities of Pelco Software Aggregation

Carey, so Pelco Software Aggregation exists today and lets one integrate multiple Endura systems. Later this year, it will add the ability to aggregate multiple Endura and DS systems, correct?

that is correct.