Are Old DVRs In Trouble As Windows XP Hits End Of Life?

Windows XP support ends on April 8, 2014. How many of your old DVRs are impacted by this?

The spider picked up a recent American Dynamics Intellex Security Update guide that heavily deals with handling old Intellexes running on Windows XP.

I know many DVRs do not run Windows but certainly quite a number do.

Any experiences of your own with Windows XP DVRs?

There would be hundreds of thousands of DVR systems running on Windows XP globally, if not millions.

Microsoft has pulled a plug on XP, doesn't mean we all run around getting rid of XP based systems. As for security, quite a number of systems rely upon third-party security software tools from companies like Symantec, ESET, McAffee etc. So as long as those security tools are still going to supprt XP, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

For XP based systems that are purely relying on Microsoft Security Essentials' or without any security software at all, there will be a huge issue for security; this needs to be addressed right away. At the same time, security companies may start planning upgrade of OS or complete systems, with 'XP support end' as an excuse for more sales.

I'd tend to agree with Und A. As long as the DVR's are properly configured and firewalled and not improperly used, like for checking up on email and watching the latest cat videos, requiring some extra caution and diligence, but if they do there really is very little risk. They can run long enough until they reach their end of mechanical life.

Our company policy is XP machines are no longer alowed on the web even though we have third party security/firewall. In fact they have been blocked from doing so. Other than security there is no reason they can't keep running.

The only Intellex's that can be upgraded to windows 7, are the factory 4.3 units. There is no driver for the capture card on the older units for windows 7. The problem is depending where it is installed, i.e. if it is a retail setting, bank, you can't have an OS not being supported with security updates on your network. If it's Joe's junk yard no big threat.

I think you have to weigh in the risks such as unit hardware failure, ridsk of accessability over the wire, ports in use which could be compromised. If the system is running XP then its a good bet that the hardware is so old that parts are going to cost more than a new unit. A customer has to do the math against replacement and risk.