Are Aluminum Or Plastic Housings Better For Corrosive Coastal Locations?

A member recently asked a question via email:

Do you have a view on which is a better outdoor camera housing for a coastal close environment, plastic or aluminum?
Plastic is cheaper, will not rust, but may not protect the camera from moisture as well as aluminum. Aluminum has a powder coat to protect it somewhat but there is potential for galvanic corrosion from two different types of metal coming in contact via salt water - the stainless steel hardware and the aluminum housing.

We've discussed similar questions, ie:

Recommendations For Salt Spray/Corrosion Resistant Enclosure?

But we've never weighed this particular question. Given prolonged exposure to these elements, which housing material hold up better?

The problem of plastic becoming brittle and cracking, especially with UV exposure and salt spray, is not an issue with painted aluminum or stainless. But the issue of rust blooms and dissimilar metal corrosion for aluminum can be a problem too.

Does anyone have any tips or experience here to share?

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