Are Allegion And Lenel The "Adults" Of The Industry?

I came across this quote in a report:

Are these two companies the "adults" that can solve IoT problems? On a proverbial scale of life phases, how would you describe Allegion and Lenel?

AARP members for sure.

I would argue that they are, in that they've been in physical security for a long time, they don't have a reputation of using overexcited marketing blather to promote vaporware, and they understand that security is sometimes more important than convenience. Some days, it seems like the whole Silicone Valley startup culture is more focused on disrupting things and joining the three commas club than building something of lasting value or even learning about things that came before and why things are the way they are.

While dismissing startups just because they are startups is dumb and shortsighted, the entire IoT scene needs an infusion of grownupness and adultitude. I don't know if Allegion and Lenel are the ones to do it, but it needs to happen.

This reveals the quoter's pretentiousness, and not much else. Are we not supposed to take physical security IoT seriously until 'the adults' enter the room? Give me a break.

Samsung, Google, and Amazon are far bigger 'adults', and they've been 'in the room' for several years.

Although Allegion and Lenel may be the "Adults of the Industry", the best in the game are not so grown up:

Kids react to Lenel Security

That's a great video, thanks for sharing!

In that they've lost touch with what youngins' are up to, and spend most of their days thinking about retirement? Sounds about right.