Need A Solution For Recording To Removable Media For Offsite Storage.

I have customer asking for a solution where they want the data to be stored in the Server/NVR for few days but at the same time they want a daily backup till evening to be taken to a media device.Let it be tape,ssd,usb hdd anything.As long as all the the person in charge of the branch has to do is remove the old one and plug in the new one.This can be using arhiving or redundant recording or a parallel stream to the device.

The removed media will be taken to a different safe house and stored there for 50 days.On 51st day the media is reused by taking back to the branch.And cycle goes on.

The daily backup size is 500-700 Gb.

I understand this is not a normal query,but i am looking at the most affordable solution which is recommeded for this scenario.

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