Apply Now - $600,000 Job Opening

Yes, you may be the next ASIS CEO. Please submit applications, nominations and inquiries to:

I am going to be nominating the ONVIF Chairman...

If you win, you get a $600,000 job, though who knows what they will pay the new person.

The good bad news is that security experience is not even in the top 5 criteria of being ASIS CEO.

Here is the ASIS CEO Job description.

Can I use you as a reference?

Only if you want to be immediately disqualified...

Your line about security industry experience not making the top five critera didn't go far enough. The sixth bullet where it is finally mentioned is a real treat.

Knowledge of/experience in the security industry, a plus.

I love that they don't really view it as mandatory so long as you're really good at reporting to boards of directors, flow charts, buzzword salad tossing, and coming up with new ideas for bilking the membership of more dollars that make us all seem innovative and "with it" as a trade organization.

...coming up with new ideas for bilking the membership of more dollars...

They may be opening the search up to outsiders because they are looking for some fresh new faces, that may have some fresh, new ideas on bilking.

Yes, it's totally bizarre, though, unfortunately, not surprising.

So you are going to be the CEO of the largest organization of security managers but know nothing about security management. Genius, just genius.

And then pay them 600% more than the average security manager. Quite a recipe for success.

I learned one important thing from the job description: "s/he" is a shorter way of saying "he or she". I think I will start using that.

and it put the "she" first and I say its about time! :)

Does ASIS really drive policy, influence trends, motivate manufacturers to develop new technologies, anything other than collecting membership dues? Maybe the "A" is ASIS means "Amway"?

Is this the start of the IPVM job board? :)