Apple Quicktime For Windows Codecs

With Homeland Security coming out and telling people to uninstall Apple Quicktime for Windows because of major security flaws (Apple agrees), I was wondering if any security surveillance product requires Apple Quicktime codecs? The reason I say this is because if your an Adobe Creative Cloud customer, you cannot uninstall the software if you do video and audio editing as it requires the Quicktime codecs. Even if the video is H.264, the audio could be an acc codec.

Because of the codec issue, this is putting many marketing people at risk due to some major security flaws that are already being compromised by hackers. The only way around it, minus taking a chance for a long long time, is to switch from PC and use a Mac with the Adobe CC Suite.

For reference, here is a Trend Micro report on the 2 vulnerabilities related to QuickTime for Windows.

The only camera that I remember that required Quicktime was when Pelco Sarix cameras came out, they required a ton of codecs and updates. It took me an hour to get my pc to view video. Some other cameras may have an option for Quicktime, but usually ALSO have an IE or other browser plugin.

I don't see this as a major issue for security. For other industries, yes it could be a huge issue...