Apple Carts - How To Secure?

Has anyone secured Apple Carts in a School? I have a school district that has started rolling out Apple Carts that have 30 iPads each inside each with charging cradles. Each school has roughly 54 carts. They do not want a room to be a so called parking lot. The problem is each classroom doesnt have any intrusion protection and the building alarm isnt set until night time after the janitors have left. This leaves roughly 6 - 8 hours after school of issues. We have thought of arming the carts but the distict doesnt feel that anyone would arm the alarm. Is there any type of asset protection? Maybe use a Securitron GL1 Lock and Card Access in the hallways?

I did a project for a private school that used carts of this type. We recommended that, at the end of the school day, the carts be returned to a designated "parking spot" and fastened to the wall with a heavy-duty chain and Medeco padlock. We also recommended that each cart be equipped with a heavy-duty magnetic contact switch connected to the school's intrusion alarm system. The system could not be armed unless all carts were locked in their place.

The gathering up of the computers and locking of the carts was an end-of-day ritual for the students, so cooperation with the procedure was high at this particular school. It has been my experience that teachers by their nature don't think much about security and that whatever you do needs to be simple and easily understood.

This is one of those cases where you need to be sure that the cost of any proposed solution doesn't exceed the cost of the problem.