Angle Of View Calculations

I have come across two cameras today where no AoV is given. The IPVM specs say "none". The manufacturers spec sheets don't offer it either. Every camera has a AoV. How can I manually calculate it? Why wouldn't this info be offered on the spec sheet or on the IPVM product page?


And plugging it in on the caluclator it defaults to 80... but it's not offered anywhere in writing.

I think it's due to the fact that the model given comes in three different lens options; 2.8mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Since they all have the same model number, it's hard for IPVM to differentiate between them.

US based site shows the following:

4mm = 85° AoV

6mm = 52° AoV

That actually is what does it. We have those three lens variants listed on that page:

However, when you select it in the calculator, it just says variable instead and lets you input any FOV. We'll take a look at it with our developers to see if we can better handle these instances of multiple fixed lens options as there are a lot of these listed, I think. Hikvision and Dahua and others all have lens variants under the same model number.


Actually, I misspoke. I just edited that camera to have its proper AoVs and now when you select it you will get this option:

Which is actually how I thought it was handled and I was puzzled as to why it wasn't coming up. Let me know if you have any other issues or find other models with AoVs missing.

I was messing around some LTS and Hikvision cameras, and if I enter everything manually or select the camera I still get AOVs that differ drastically from what the manufacturer claims. For example, on Hik's 4MP WDR fixed domes they claim an AOV of 106 but when the camera is selected or I manually enter the data it comes up at 86, which is a pretty significant difference. What am I doing wrong?

See if this thread applies in your case.

Bingo, thanks!