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Anyone Using Galaxy Brand Cameras?

Recently installed some Galaxy GXH753 HDSDI cameras at a local business. Cameras were not in use for very long, and have already had to replace 2 of them (no video output from cameras themselves). Has anyone else had experience with Galaxy HDSDI cameras? Or for that matter, does anyone have any opinions about Galaxy as a whole? Not very impressed with their product thus far...


Is this They don't seem like a 'real' manufacturer as much as a reseller of Asian products. I've never heard of them before but there seem to be lots of those companies around.


Yes that seems to be the correct website. I believe we have got them from another 3rd party supplier here in Canada. I was afraid that they were just rebranded Asian product, as they have been nothing but trouble. We will be RMA'ing the units we have in stock and steering very clear away from this brand.

It's very unfortunate that the market is flooded with so much garbage product. That being said, does anyone recommend a certain manufacturer for quality HD-SDI cameras? At this point price point doesn't matter, we just need something that works as it should.



You want a quality brand HD SDI product? That's a tough one.

The biggest 'name' brands that offer HD SDI in North America are likely Speco and Everfocus.

Hello Undisclosed Integrator named Nick,

I'm curious. Did you upgrade that site from analog to HD-SDI or did you start out with HD-SDI?

Also, did you look at any IP solutions? If so, what was the reasoning for choosing the HD-SDI platform?



This was a new installation, ran siamese cable to each camera location.

I was given the product to simply install, the reasoning behind going with HDSDI did not come from my mind. I very much prefer IP systems, but I have a background in networking and IT and am very familiar with configuration of IP devices.

My thoughts on reasoning for going HDSDI, is likely ease of installation for the novice technicians. Very little configuration is needed with HDSDI. Unfortunately, this install has proven to be far from easy, as the cameras are garbage and we have wasted too much time trying to remedy a problem that shouldn't have happened in the first place.


Undisclosed Integrator named Nick

Aside from Everfocus and Speco, Samsung seems to be the biggest name offering HD-SDI in the US. They have box and dome cameras, and only one model apiece.

SO what was the problem thw cameras? Colour issues? flickering? incorrect day/night switching? IR reflections inside domes at night? poor focus?


The cameras completely stopped outputting video, defective units.