Anyone Using Dahua Or Hikvision On-Board Storage?

When talking about on-board storage, usually expensive vendors are mentioned (e.g., Axis and Mobotix).

A member is asking about using lower cost cameras with on-board storage. To that end, does anyone have experience using Dahua or Hikvision cameras with on-board storage? How easy / hard / complex is it to access recorded video, etc.?

I have worked with the Hikvision 3mp bullet w/ 2.8 to 12mm varifocal lens, the 3mp wedge camera and the wireless 3mp cube cam.

I found it pretty easy, just put the micro SD card in, log directly into the camera, setup the storage just like it was a hard drive. To access recorded video, just go to playback and you can access it pretty easy, almost like you were using the NVR.

Same experience as Jeff, plug and play. It's really simple to set it all up and play back footage.

Agreed with others - we have used them as local recording whilst also sending a stream to Milestone (something we do with Axis but did not think the Hikvision would have the power) so far its worked well and the software is a "back the front" but it works. I have not tested it with proper VMS edge storage though, this is just isolated site connected via wireless, one stream goes to SD card locally (in case wireless goes down) and the other goes back to Milestone server a few kms away. My only suggestion is use good quality SD cards, saves a lot of problems later and improves playback performance.

We have used SD storage in certain situations with Dahua over the past three years and have found that the SD cards stop recording and are eventually not found on a high percentage of cameras. We can take the cards out reformat them and they will start working again. On one installation we had four cameras with two different models and in less than a year 3 failed. We have taken them out and tried them in a Mobotix camera and they will work fine. We only use class 10 Sandisk. We no longer offer the option for the Dahua product. If you still wish to go this route it is very easy to setup and access the video, just be prepared for failures.

On a side note the same cards work for years in Mobotix.

Dear Mike, Do you have the type of Dahua camera that had this problem.?

We have not tried the SD cards on any of the newer cameras over the past year or so. The cameras we had problems with are no longer manufactured. Since we buy from a a distributor who private labels the cameras I cannot give you a Dahua part number because the cameras are no longer on Dahua's website to reference.

Thank you Davis very helpful to know that it was on old camera, hopefully new are better..

have used it and is super simple