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Anyone Using Controlware Cware?

I want to know your feedback about this vms system.

I've only had bad experiences interacting with Controlware. I could never get a straight answer on their VMS but other industry people said that they were OEMing another VMS (years ago, people said Genetec). I am not sure what they are doing now.

They don't seem to be a serious player overall in surveillance. They used to spam market constantly (we owe the spam filled LinkedIn CCTV group to them) but they've been quiet for more than a year. That's all I know!

Just this?

They look like have quite big installations. But in the past.

Yep, that's it.

Their website 'newest' news is from 2011. Their twitter feed hasn't been updated in more than a year. Their LinkedIn profile says they are a systems integrator.

I don't know what else to say. I assume they are still doing things in Germany....

They used to private label VCS gear before VCS was acquired by Bosch. After the acquisition not much has been heard from them in the US market.

thanks to both

Bump, someone in Australia asked about them. Anyone with any experiences or info now?

Didn't they move to Genetec?

What do you mean by 'move'? From what I have been told, I do not believe they are OEMing Genetec now.

I used Cware for many years (2008- 2014 ?) in a large local government CCTV facility.Nice, tidy, easy to use and quite robust.

Hi, did you have the chance to add any license the last years?

Camera licences? Yes we did.

Thanks Larry, I thought they wasn't giving any support on this product. Is your installation big? does this system works stable?


do you have any commercial contact for buy the software?