Anyone Using Arecont's Latest Surroundvision Line? (AV12186DN)

I had a question from a member regarding the latest generation of the SurroundVision line, since he'd only ever seen old models. The last SurroundVision camera I touched was an AV8360, so I'm obviously out of date.

My take is that if they're using the same sensors found in the 3116, it might be a big improvement, but not having tested them, can't say for sure. So, has anyone been using them?

I'd be interested too. Their AV20185 has been very flaky. Keeps flipping one or more of the images, problems retaining settings, and tech support not having very many answers. I would hope Arecont would put in some actual quality control this time in the new AV12186 series as it seems to be a great offering on paper, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ethan, you might want to change the disscusion title to "Does anyone still using Arecont willingly?" I know some dealers/intergrators have no choice in using them since they are running in the bid market. But I am curious to see if the everyday non-bid jobs are still using Arecont any more. Or if there cameras are still having 40% DOA and how Arecont is handling the RMAs.

Old thread so maybe somebody has an answer. Bought a few for a new job. They really are the only game in town here - with the 180 panaramic - outdoor - multi sensor blah blah.

Set up in my shop - ~10 second latency. Nothing on the web site. Latest firmware. Has Anyone run across the latency issue? I thought ACTi was bad.....

10 second delay sounds almost impossibly long. Are you sure it's not the PC or something else?

Tried two different PC's (All in my lab now) LAN to the camera direct. Thru a VMS. Same.

PoE switch 24 port using 8 or so of which 4 are using PoE. Not the switch. Made every change I could think of. I did see something while searching that claimed the latency issue was fixed using..something. Will try and find that again.

Cisco switch? If so, try another brand.

Micheal, we have seen problems like that when multiple streams are being requested (for example, connecting to a VMS and pulling up the web interface). Those cameras don't have a lot of spare horsepower.

Haven't seen latency issue yet, but still has issue with sensors randomly flipping like older models. Like you'd think that would have been fixed by now.

Divide and conquer, right. OK, changed my main switch for a 24 port Planet, same. Changed patch cords - same. Completely isolated this little setup with an 8 port DLink switch. 1 port to camera - 1 port to my PC. Latency issue much better but still ~1 seconds behind. Images look...not so sharp. Measured the bandwidth with all 4 images up at about 12Mbps - well within any threshold. And the pictures were popping and glitching and skipping like crazy. WTF?? And this is on a little isolated network. OK, now its back to the original setup. Same. Viewing now only thru the VMS (Milestone Essentials) Set a view on the Smart Client for only this camera. 5-7 second latency. Grab another stream via the web client - back to 10 seconds latency. And popping and glitching like you read about. This is why I always test a new camera or device in my shop first. New to me that is. Saves face. Saves time and potentially saves someones life ;) I vote NO CONFIDENCE!! I have 3 here. I will try another tomorrow, just in case. If its the same, back they go. If it works, I will update.

Keep any suggestions coming please. Thanks for the help.

Upgrade the firmware ;)

Sorry had to say it cause I am sure that would be AV tech support first reponse :)

If the images look 'not so sharp' check to see if the lenses are in focus. Even though it is a fixed focal lens, they can be out of focus. Also, verify that it is set to full resolution, not 'half'.