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Anyone Use Advidia Cameras And Video Insight VMS?

Anyone use advidia cameras and video insight VMS?

advida looks like another hikvision made product to me. Just saying

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Advidia are definitely OEM'ed. It's something we also discussed here: Panasonic Buys VideoInsight.

Some of the older ones I believe are ACTi and the newer ones Hikvision. In general, Hikvision is solid (we have a lot of Hikvision tests).

Have you already decided on using Video Insight as your VMS?

No but we are going up against them on a project

Find it hard to believe that one Video Insight server can

manage throughput for 88 3mp Advidia cameras

Their servers supposedly are bundled with

free Video Insight software

I have a prospect running 260 cameras on 2 dell servers with video insite. They are happy with it. They have zero integration going on, access is a Keri system and they want more of it if that means anything. System has been in place 4 years. Their 3 megapixel Advidia fixed domes have same moisture issues and their Hikvision counterparts. When used outdoors they like to be partially shielded from the elements. Place them in an area where they get a stream of water it is certain death by drowning.

Not related to Advidia but Hikvision having moisture issues? We have hundreds outdoors and can't remember having any issues?

It would be worthwhile to cite specific Hikvision models. Hikvision has 100 or more outdoor models and I would expect some variation in quality / performance amongst them.

The dome was completely filled on several on several cameras. I can't believe Im the only one who has had an issue. It is the identical camera to the Avidia I have seen so its very relevent.

Interesting, we havent had any issues in the past 20 months installing them.

We have successfully deployed Video Insight Monitor Station Client VMS and Server software. In addition we have had much success using Advidia VP-16 and VP-8 encoders to convert our legacy analog cameras to networked digital signals. We have implemented a robust replacement of analog cameras with Advidia A-34 and A-54 cameras as our legacy analog cameras fail. Service has been spectacular. Easy to operate and maintain with excellent 24/7 tech support. Good resolution and clear imagery.