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Using ONVIF To Connect Displays/Clients To Vmses?

I was on the ONVIF website the other day talking a look at which conformant products are listed there.

I found almost 2000 products of which all are either NVT or NVC type of products.

No NVD or NVA type products were listed at all which I find very curious and bring up the following question.

Is it possible that VMS companies are holding us all a hostage here? VMS companies care a great deal about being ONVIF compatible with edge devices to bring data into their system but once inside their VMS, they don't want to give up access to generic NVA or NVD type devices. Instead they force 3rd parties to code against their own proprietary interfaces

It's a real shame.

Helgi, thanks for the question. To recap, what I believe you are looking for is to use ONVIF to connect a recorder (VMS, DVR, NVR) to a third party client or system?

There's typically two parts - accessing live video and recorded video.

The recorded video part is now being called Profile G. According to our recent interview with ONVIF technical representatives, that specification is scheduled for public release at the end of this year.

As for live video, presumably they could do this today but I do not recall hearing any VMS offering ONVIF 'out'. Anyone with input here?

What would be ideal is if for example there were available display and even videowall applicances/controllers that are Onvif NVD compatible and VMS systems could take use of and control these devices without any glue logic or software to be written. Same would apply to analytics devices (NVA). IF such device existed, integrator could simply connects such a device to the network. VMS would discover the device and take use of it

I kind of have a question aligned to Helgi's question... is Profile G also going to provide a way to stream out the recorded videos stored on a NVS or it is basically streaming in only?

My understanding is that G is taking video in. As long as they supported both G and S, I believe you could stream video in and out (via S, which is increasingly common).

Hi John, are there now any news on to the topic ONVIF NVD? Do you know if someone has practical experience with a ONFIV Network Video Display (NVD) or Network video receiver? If so with which manufacturer? Which Product? Thanks for an answer.

Official ONVIF Response:

ONVIF profiles have been primarily implemented by member manufacturers on cameras/encoders presenting services, and on clients consuming services. John is correct in stating that if a VMS member chose to implement a device presentation using ONVIF Profile G and S then video could be consumed from that storage platform using any ONVIF based client as well.

The list of compatable ONVIF Profile devices is available on the website, under the "Find a product" section.

Thanks for the reply
Sorry, but I still do not know, are there any ONVIF NVD devices. Are there display presentation devices that could be controlled by ONVIF Profile S? On the product page I've only devices and clients to choose from, but no NVDs (Network Video Display / IP network video monitor)?
Thanks for a quick reply.