Anyone Recommend A Video Monitoring Service ?

Looking for 24x7 event based video monitoring service. Any suggestions?

To help us provide an appropriate answer, some more information is needed:

  • What are you monitoring? Homes? Businesses? Critical infrastructure?
  • Are they mainly going to be responding to video analytic alerts, like perimeter violation or?
  • You already have the equipment in place? If so, what manufacturers?


it's a commercial building and the video monitoring is mainly for after hours video verification purpose . The equipments are Hikvision HDTVI DVR/Cameras which we are installing as we speak.

Not every monitoring station monitors every brand of equipment, especially if you're doing any kind of event-based monitoring. I'd usually suggest picking a monitoring company FIRST, and then see what they support vs. installing equipment and then finding a monitoring partner.

I am using Alibi, which is made by Hikvision, with Global Monitoring Solutions as the Central Station. They do all of the alarm monitoring plus have options for video verification and virtual guard tours. Very reasonable in price. They have great support. Just wanted to point out that they are for sure set up to handle the Hik equipment.

What country?

Chat with Cops/Allameircan/Affiliated etc at security show regarding video monitoring. Most if all of them currently offer such optional services to dealers. Just wondering if anyone here can share their experience with them or any other centers?

I would give Universal Monitoring in Charlotte, NC a call. Not sure if they would take on the Hikvision DVR if it isn't compatible with their viewing platform (SureView). Worth a call though.

I've just signed on with Global Monitoring Solutions 365 They have been very supportive so far.

We use COPS. Never had a problem and very responsive to issues. I use IPDatatel devices when possible on our burg panels and they were not always transmitting to central station. They fixed the issue quickly.

Very responsive and knowledgeable whenever I have questions. I have not shopped around to compare pricing, but they also don't give me a reason to.

We use COPS and Amcest. Amcest has no problem using browser based look in and Hik equipment. Also offer tours, verification etc.

No complaints on either.

The company that I work for offers video monitoring. We have to ability to monitor Hikvision and many other products. We also offer dealer pricing options.

Feel free to reach out to me for more information:

When you say "event based", I enterpret that as specific video being assessed based on intrusion sensors or intelligent analytics. If this is an acurate assumption, then the later is a best practice for most outdoor, uncontrolled environments. We are a video centric central station and have been "failing forward" since 2006. If you would like to have a candid discussion about some of the most challenging environments and the RMR you can expect from these solutions reach out to me.

If there is more to your question, fire away.

My company also ofers 24/7 alarm - event - video monitoring services. Our Fusion Center is located in the NYC area. We already monitor over 20k cameras!

Eyeforce, Houston TX I think. I use them and they've been great!