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Who Is The Best Dahua OEM Distributor In North America?

Looking for Dahua OEM distributors in North America, who provide reasonable tech support.

Any thoughts would be appreaciated.

Shout out for Sean at Nelly's Security (previously Nelly's Surplus), been providing product and service to us for a few years now, always gives outstanding pre- and post-sale support. Sells Dahua under his own "EYEsurv" brand.

Good link!

Sells Dahua under his own "EYEsurv" brand.

I see that Nelly has some straight Dahua branded product as well, is there any reason to choose one over the other?

Sean at Nellys is my go to guy.

Nobody mentioning Tyco's Dahua OEM? I kid....

The well known Dahua OEMs in North America include Flir, IC Realtime and Q-See. Q-See is more residential / big box focus. IC Realtime is for trunk slammers / audio visual types. Flir is a weird animal, as they obviously historically did thermal cameras but now have added entry level conventional offerings with a number of Dahua OEM models (see Flir IP IR PTZ test as an example).

[IPVM Mod Note: Poster is from Nelly's Security]

Yes feel free to give us a shout and we will be glad to help. We have a branding program where we can actually brand dahua products with our own customers brand as well.

Also, I have noticed a few threads asking about OEM'ing. Back when I started carrying Dahua a few years ago, putting the Dahua brand on a product in the USA was a huge no-no,. Since then, that rule has gone incredibly slack. To be honest, I am not real sure if there is even a rule anymore and am quite confused on Dahua's stance on the issue due to the availability of branded Dahua products in the USA. At any rate, we have been using the EYEsurv brand name for so long that we have decided to kind of stick with it as thats what most of our long time customers are used to, but most folks do know now that its Dahua. We decided to do a little full branded Dahua products for SEO purposes basically so there is no real reason to buy one or the other to answer your question "undisclosed A".

Sean, thanks for the explanation.

Related, I've asked Dahua for clarification on the Dahua branding / re-branding rule repeatedly and have heard back nothing. They respond timely on other things but, for whatever reason, there's little clarity coming back about what they are doing with their brand.

Do you have a similar relabeled brand of the HIkvision stuff as well or just the Hik branded?

Yeah John, thats they same type of response we get. I love their products but the company as a whole is a strange mysterious beast.

We did toy around with the unbranded Hikvision stuff "Our HK series" but the regular Hikvision stuff was selling 10-1 over the unbranded so we now currently have our HK stuff on closeout because of slow selling.

How are you going to handle the warranties since you are on the unauthorized list ? I have bought Hikvision from your site in the past, i dont need the support but am still wondering about the warranty.

3 year warranty directly through us.

Many thanks to all for your input.

Sean, if you are an unauthorized reseller of HIKvision products, how are you still able to have access to the products? You guys always have great prices listed online but it makes me a little cautious seeing you are not authorized by the manufacturer to sell their stuff.

Hikvision USA are the ones that have labeled us as "unauthorized". We still buy plenty of Hik products, just not from the Hik USA branch or any of its "Authorized" distributors.

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