Anyone Know Of A Possible Source Of Grant Funding For Camera Projects?

I am just asking to try and help our campus fund coverage in two new communities. We are building two new on-campus student housing communities. There is a very real interest in providing adequate camera coverage of these areas for safety reasons. Because of another area where state and federal grant money was helpful (somewhat different environment) the question has been raised about the availability of ANY kind of grant funding. Any body have any info in this area? Thank you.

there always is. your school should have some one who handles grants in general who can see what is out there. also you can contact manufacturers ( the big ones) and find out if they can help you get some federal grants but that is a double edged sword as the sales guys will never leave you alone even if they cant help you get grants.

We had some help from Panasonic and they helped find a grant to cover 70% of one job and the only strings they had was for Panasonic to Use the job for sales examples on how they are partnering with education for secure campuses and schools. Not saying you are going to find what you need from them but there are definitely grants out there for schools just keep in mind the strings that may come attached.

DHS has funding allocated once a year. The application time is about march

Thank you. We do have an office of sponsored programs. I will pass that on to the project folks.