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Super CODEC Vemotion? Anyone Heard Of Them?

I met a company from UK that was selling a product suite that IP video compression devices that is their proprietary product. They claim exceptional transmision over low bandwidth transports.

For reference here is Vemotion's website. It appears they are offering a third party transcoding service?

Yes, sorry I had the URL and was about to paste it in. They have an inetrresting product. But the crunch is the channel license fee, I beleive around 1K Euros per channel, plus the cost of their proprietary encoders.

Even if it really did provide genuine improvements without quality reduction, the problem is the lack of compatability with regular VMS systems. I have heard from a half dozen of thesetype of companies over the year but none have gained broad acceptance, because of this fatal limitation.

Are they hoping some VMS or camera company buys them...?