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Anyone Having Issues With Seetec Cayuga VMS?

We have moved several customers from SeeTec5 installations to SeeTec Cayuga R4. And since then, we are facing issues with instabilities (clients crashing, sudden drops of live image streams in the clients, bugs with AVI export, rendering issues, ...) The list of tickets we opened at the support is endless as are the hours and days we already spent troubleshooting, collecting logs, installing patches.

Is anyone having the same experience or suggestions on how to move forward to solve this? SeeTec support is doing their best to help us out, but is seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with the quality/stability of the Cayuga release.

A, sorry to hear that.

Hopefully some members have feedback and I will publicize this to help. One challenge, at least for IPVM members, is that Seetec seems to be most commonly used outside the English-speaking world, the opposite of the typical IPVM members.