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Anyone Tried Board Cameras?

We are looking for a good board IP camera. Any sugestion?


board camera



I know one integrator who has used the KT&C board model (ACE-HDi47) in one application. I believe built into a custom covert housing. I don't have any review other than "it works."

Thanks Ethan,

do you think this camera worth USD 350?

i was looking for something not expensive and relative small, thats why I check the board cameras...

Yes, I'm currently replacing the boards in a IP camera I bought from China.  The camera doesn't have a web interface so you can't change the camera settings.  So I went out and found a company that sells all the parts you need to do so.  The new board has a great web interface and many features like "package left".  I'm still testing.


To be replaced

Don't buy this board, it is the one I'm replacing.  The chip is a Grain which is the problem.