Anyone Have Experience With The Equipment From KTNC USA Booth 24109

anyone have experience with equipment from KTNC from taiwan booth 24109

I am pretty familiar with KTNC products. Which technology were you looking at IP, TVI, HD-SDI ?

Thank you

I am interested to find out the quality of the equipment, technical support, competitive price.

Hi Nils,

We have used KTNC products for about 7 or 8 years. Their analog products are really good and reasonably competetive; the IP products are a little overpriced in my opinion. We deal with cold weather for 6 months a year, and the analog cameras have stood up to the test of time.

As far as technical support and warranty, they are very responsive with both. If you are in the US, working direct with them is really easy. If you are in Canada, it's still easy, but you are incurring the costs for shipping and exchange rate.

Hope this helps!