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Anyone Have Any Idea Who Manufactures The Honeywell Enterprise RAID Hardware?

So we've been replacing a bunch of RAID hardware, and I've had a heck of a time setting up the SNMP. We use DView, which is kind of only meant for DLink switches. It discovers the RAID, but won't pull any info.

Tried installing a trial of PTRG, and same thing. Finds the device, but no syslog or SNMP.

It's a Honeywell Enterprise RAID, HERC96T16S. Google shows me nothing, Honeywell's user guide has nothing. I'll probably just end up phoning Honeywell, but figured I'd ask here.

Found a manual online, scrolled thru it an saw a MAC address in a GUI splash screen. Looked up that MAC and Infortrend Technology shows up.

MAC: 00:D0:23:D1:8F:F5

Compare the two manuals below, they read very much the same and the BIOS is identical.

Infortrend Setup Guide:

MaxPro VMS Setup Guide:

So it appears that Infortrend is the supplier and one reason you cannot pull info from the raid controller may be due to proprietary communications on the IC2 Bus which may require a Linux base application to pull the data you need.

Hope this gets you in the right direction, good luck with MaxPro.

UPDATE: This looks like MaxPro! Seems they have web software called SANWatch for management.

I did not even think of doing a mac address look up, what a rookie move! (On my part)

That SANWatch looks like it would do the trick, now to see if I could convince my boss to order it...

Thanks a lot!

Did you enable the SNMP service on Maxpro?
I had tested PRTG with Maxpro and it works normally.
You should read some data even you didn't use the correct MIB file.

Yup, it's enabled, but the settings are super basic. Can't set port numbers or anything. Just enabled, SNMP community name, and then an IP address, which it sometimes tells me is invald (it's not).

I think UD2 may be onto something, and it's a weird proprietary format or something. PRTG auto discovers the RAID, but won't find any SNMP or Syslog sensors, just basic Ping, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL sensors. I will be playing around with it some more doing a custom sensor or three later today.