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Anyone Familiar With "Videofied"?

Just curious about this product or similar.

I'll leave the detailed comments to Brian, Ethan and others but we do have a few posts on Videofied for background information:

Margarita, btw, are you considering any specific applications for Videofied? It's a respected product but its detection range and video capabilities are limited.

Typical application such as a construction yards along the fence line. Or would that be too costly? Thanks for the posting the links, I'll check them out.

I'm very familiar with Videofied. I started designing Videofied systems 2-3 years ago with the integrator I used to work for, and they've taken off quite a bit since then. They're doing some waste and solar sites with it, and probably some others by now, but those were the big ones happening then.

Depending on the size of the construction yard, it could work well. Open air range is specified at 2,000', but I'd feel safe saying you could get 1,000-1,500, depending on what's in the transmission path. For that range, you need to do one of two things, though:

  • Use an XTO panel and mount it outside: The XTO is actually an XT panel mounted in an outdoor enclosure which essentially is just a giant antenna. So the range is much greater.
  • You can also use an XT panel and mount it indoors, and use an external 900 MHz antenna, which I believe they sell, but it's been a little while since I've seen a price list. You can use most any high-gain 900 MHz antenna, though some of them get quite large.

One point: a lot of people forget that Videofied is an alarm system. There is no remote viewing of video (though there's a rumor that this is coming at ISC West), it only sends video on detection. It's not a replacement for a surveillance system.

Do you have any other questions? Let me know if you want other details.

Great information Ethan, thanks! And yes, any other information you can share would be great. Would this be something that you could use temporarily, then move to another location? It seems like it would be a great option for that. One thing I thought of was, can the disarm/alarm panel be located outdoors say like at an entrance of the yard?

Hi Maggie, the local electric utility here was looking at using it temporarily, as they move construction from one substation to another. There are definitely people using it that way.

The keypad isn't weatherproof, so you need to put it in a heated box. We used to use STI for that: Alternately, you can issue cards and use the card reader to arm/disarm, which is weatherproof and wireless:

Thanks for the info.!