Anyone Ever Used A Housing With A Wiper On It Triggered By An I/O On A Project?

Anyone ever used a housing with a wiper on it triggered by an I/O on a project? If so, what camera and housing. Any 3rd party housings with an Axis camera anyone has heard of?

p.s. - this was asked in the (not yet released) chat

I saw them once on a trade show a few years ago.

Hi John -

We have many applications where our enclosures with wiper and optional washer are used this way (with Axis cameras and other manufacturers as well). Typically the wiper is triggered by a solid state relay installed in to the enclosure via the I/O. Another option for triggering the wiper/washer is via the cameras RS485 port.

The majority of applications in use are for critical infrastructure and transportation where a good, clean image is paramount. We have a great video on our YouTube page if you want to see the wipers and washer tanks in action.