Anyone Ever Successfully Connect An Axis M3024-Lve Using Only 2 Pairs Over Cat5e?

I'm up against a damaged cable run that can't be rerun. I'm thinking I could utilize 2 pairs only (pins 1,2,3 and 6) if the camera works over PoE mode A. From what I recall, all PDs must accept both modes of PoE to be 802.3 compliant and I'm pretty sure this is the pinout for an Axis M3024-lve but they are hardline about not giving out any info except standard wiring procedure. Just wondering if anyone has done this?

Won't be a problem, I do it all the time with cheap, flat, retractable cable that only has 1236, into various Axis POE cameras (though not specifically the m3024).

As long as the switch is mode A, (99% if it's < 2yrs old), not an injector it should be fine.