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Anyone Encountered "Lotcop" By Live View Technologies In Your Local Walmart Parking Lot?

Saw a twitter link on a Ubiquiti thread, googled it and it's getting a lot of attention this Christmas season.  Several local news reports from different cities.  Trailer mounted mast with Solar power.

Google search page

Company link: Live View Tech

Can anyone break down the products being used?  


This is a great video from some southern US woman (NC) who sees it in her local Walmart parking lot and proceeds to inspect it like it was an animal in a zoo or something:

This solution is becoming more and more common now. Can't see what the camera setup is since the picture is too far away and the video posted looks like it was filmed with a graphing calculator.

The first time I saw these was in a Walmart parking lot in New Mexico. They had at least two, possibly three in the lot as well as several overt box cams all over the Walmart rooftop. I inquired with the staff inside and they said it was in response to an "incident" they had some time ago.

Walmart must be a massive target for ambulance chasers and has these deployed for liability.

Yes Walmart always has people trying to sue them for something. One of the few lawsuits they have lost is where they had signs in a parking lot saying you were being recorded by CCTV but there wasn't actually any cameras recording the parking lot. There was an incident and nothing was being recorded or monitored.

Looks pretty cloudy in that pic. I wonder how many watts the array is generating.


The first 9 they bought were SkyCop Mobile Surveillance Units. Walmart said their parking lot incidents went to zero and wanted more, but only at a Walmart price.  So, now they have "Lot Cops".

Here are pictures of their first four.


Actually, its a pretty slick set up. They use Axis cameras and Bosch cameras. Not sure who they use for router, switch, horn etc. If you go to their website, they have install guides that show you quite a bit of detail on the packaging of the components. Install Guides - Liveview Technologies We make a similar system but ours isn't anywhere near as loaded at the top or bulky at the bottom and our real estate footprint is much smaller. Their system is overkill for a parking lot application like this IMO but if Walmart's willing to pay a premium for it, hats off to LVT Sales people. I'm surprised Walmart removed permanent cameras in lieu of this system though because these systems are limited and would require someone constantly manning the PTZs to really get full view of the whole parking lot. With only 2 of these in a lot the size of most Walmarts it seem like you'd get a lot of missing data. In construction site security, which is our focus, we figure we'll get 200ft detection on fixed cameras, 500ft on thermal and those are all used as alarming devices to trigger a remote operator to look in live with the PTZ. Not sure how Walmart mans it - maybe that guard the lady saw????

LOL. WalMart is just one of their customers. Go to Lowe’s and others.

I wonder what the maintenance schedule is on those "things?"

I wish I had that kind of time to spend over 7 minutes ever analyzing something that was there for the safety of the customers. Somewhat smart. I would guess this takes some liability off Walmart perhaps?

We have a few Wal-Mart stores in the not so great parts of town where these are permanent fixtures, for last year or more.

We have had them at Lowes since the plandemic started.