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Anyone Else Have Absurd Auto Corrections When Posting On IPVM?

Not sure if its me, my iPhone or if IPVM just has some custom auto-correct algorithms just for fun but I sometimes get other language auto-correct and constantly get perfectly spelled normal words or word pairs auto-corrected to ridiculous things! Anyone else?

Joshua, I never get spelling auto corrected on IPVM unless I am on an iOS device (and that's an iOS 'feature'). What browser/hardware are you using when this happens?

I am on iOS and its been the same through various versions. It's definitely completely different auto correct on this site. Ill take some snapshots (there it was!)... ill upload image when I get to computer - it's not (again!) letting me upload on iPhone.

Ok, that helps. I filed a bug. It's presumably an interaction between tinymce (the wysiwyg editor we use) and iOS.

Here you go:

snapish oats

I am on iPhone 5 and it happened when I was on 4S as well.

It happens 100% of the time when I spell a word wrong and then hit space after the word and then go back to correct the word. It's actually really hilarious some of the things it comes up with but it's really annoying because I'm on a mobile device and it is so time consuming.

It's worth having others do it on their iPhones and posting some of the auto corrections.

Some days it will correct with Spanish words as well!

Thanks, Josh! This helps.

I regularly access from both iOS devices and PCs. Never had an experience with autocorrect acting bizarre. And my spelling is fairly dreadful, too.

Like Joshua asks: anyone else?

Brian from your iOS device:

Type this: "what happened" then put a space after and then go back 5 spaces so you have "what happ" then finish out the word again to read "what happened" and tell us what happens. Even weirder go back another 4 spaces after you finish it out again to read "what happ" again and then finish it out to read "what happened" and then tell us what happened...

Here's what happens when I do it from my iphone...

I exactly followed the steps you described, and no autocorrecting came up at all.

I was using an iPhone 4S running iOS7. The autocorrect dictionary is stock, with no words added or excluded.

Weird it happens 100% of the time on mine. iPhone 5 latest updates (except v7) and stock autocorrect dictionary. I will test on my wifes iPhone 5 running 7 and see if it does it...

It is hard to figure out. Maybe one of the installed apps adds content to the autocorrect dictionary? "Snappish oats" is just too bizarre.

Well it does not happen on my wife's iphone 5 running 7 so when I get a chance to clear off 3gigs on mine ill upgrade!

I noticed that Chrome's auto-spellcheck (highlights unknown words, doesn't auto-correct them) doesn't seem to work at all on IPVM... it's like Chrome doesn't know this editor is a text field or something,

I don't recall ever experiencing auto-correction. I use IPVM through the Chrome browser on a PC.

That's nothing. I can't post here at all from my Blackberry any more.

I have-- it was on my IPHONE too. Thought it was only me.

We turned off the wysiwyg editor on mobile. Let us know if you think that makes it overall better or worse.

It works now. Thanks, John. From my (yuch!) Blackberry.