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Anybody Using Locjack For Security Installations?


Has anybody seen the use of Quest LocJack in Security Installations?

Alex Gutierrez


Thanks, great answer


One of my concerns about LocJack, having come from a cabling background, is that in order to certify and warrant the cabling system, you need to be using approved cable and jacks from specific manufacturers, which LocJack would not be included in. Not that I think the majority of installers are fully certifying and warranting (or even really testing) their cable installs for IP cameras, but if you want to nitpick, it would be an issue for some.

This is why so many other manufacturers sell add-on boots that clip onto the patch cable. Because it allows you to use whatever product you want.

I've never specifically used Locjack, but I've used a couple of others. We also have a short post on locking jacks and cables with some options.