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Anybody Rent Mobile Trailer Mount Surveillance Platforms In Florida Or Southeast US.

Does anybody know anyone who rents trailer mounted wireless mobile video surveillance platforms like this in the Southeast US, specifically Florida? I've found a few places in California, Texas and the midwest but nothing nearby.

Eagle Eye Surveillance Systems, Inc. - out of Orlando! :)

Also, SolarVision is out of Greenville, SC

also note: Netvision (from your provided link) is a division of SolarVision in Greeenville, SC (linked above).

There is a good chance you could find a Wanco rep in your area, they offer a mobile surveillance trailer.

John, take a look at MRCT Systems, based in South Florida.

Full disclosure: I work for the company that makes this unit, so if I'm out of line here please let me know (for John Honovich)

Brandon, that's good. What we ask is that recommendations are (1) relevant to the specific question asked and (2) affiliations are disclosed. You did both. Thanks.