Anybody Have Experience With Eyetrax Solr Powered Cams?

I have a customer wanting a portable camera to watch his construction sites. He asked me about Thoughts on this? Or should I custom make a kit? Ideas for kits?

Tycon power makes a really good kits for power really sturdy stuff. just find a low powered camera.


Did this every go anywhere? I just started looking at it.

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David Coughlin

ENE Systems, Inc.

Director, Security Sales & Operations

I have not found enough info to make a decision. Do you have a suggestion?

Thanks for this subject Jason. I have seen so many variations of this design/model. I am going to put this on the stove and get cooking on applications. I am sorry that I cannot offer some advice here, but I will get jumping on my hamster N-power sustainable IP video flux capacitor series toroidal essence generator.

I can tell you that I've had calls from customers of theirs that were very disappointed in their product, complaints I've heard include: their live cameras are not live. Their IR lighting has very limited range. They don't capture license plates as advertised. Excessive system failures. etc.