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Hikvision HDTVI - Is This A Dahua HD CVI Competitor?

Supposedly Hikvision is making an alternative to HD-CVI that they call HDTVI. Has anyone seen any info on this product? I only know what I have posted here.

Sounds a lot the same, no?  Maybe licensing from Dahua, or just doing it on their own since the base technology (surrounding hd analog transmission) does not seem to patented, and probably cannot be since its so similar to old analog.

Maybe a meger could be in the works? Just the superior resultant names alone could justify a high market valuation: The poetic Hikua or the hip Da Vision. :)

Since Hikvison is a 1.7 billion USD company and Dahua is aproaching 1.0 billion USD in 2014 I dont forsee a marger. They are worst enemies. I would not be surprised if one of them they aquire Pelco or other american sucumbent in the coming years...

HDTVI is supposed to be released in August, will be hibrid on all recorders (same channel can use SD analog or HDTVI), and the demo I have seen had great video quality. The price, however, should be much higher since it uses two different components on cameras (one PS4100 sensor + one PI2008 ISP with SMTPE296), while Dahua only one (Sensor with ISP integrated). Also the HD transmitter on Hikvision HDTVI is made by Techpoint (TP2801), while Dahua´s chip is develped by itself (DH9801).


Juan Carrillo

I have requested comment from Hikvision and am waiting a response.

Btw, Secuexpress, the Chinese re-seller we recently have been buying Dahua from says this, "As all we know, Dahua has launched HDCVI, the new generation of CCTV camera. Hikvision HDTVI is also coming stay tuned."

Plus, last month's Hikvision channel partner conference makes reference to HDTVI.

Them's fightin words, TVI better than CVI?

I'm not quite sure what the last two mean, probably not "fully incompatible supply chain from different vendor", but that's what it sounds like.


Don't be confused here, "DVR could mixed up 720P and 1080P signal at the same time", sounds bad, but apparently is a plus. So +2 TVI...

USA Professional third-party chipset vendor.  That description started off awsome but quickly went downhill.

Here's a camera spec, some other ones even have vari-focal, so +3 for TVI...

All information is via HI Sharp, here's an intersting statement from their website.

Rukmini, thanks, good find.

That table is not terribly convincing though, it makes it seem that they are basically the same, save for the implicit claim that TVI is not controlled by one manufacturer (which could be big).

Agreed, same thing. They do claim one interesting technical advantage: Somehow, (USA Professeional Chips?), they double the range on balanced cable (200+ m), without increasing the coax range at all. Built-in baluns?

Hopefully they (CVI & TVI) will be intercompatible. My guess is they wont, which would be a market killer either for TVI or CVI. CVI is now being sold by many different little manufacturers in China. I assume they may have to pay a licensing fee to Dahua to do it, I dunno. But we really like CVI here. Being the first mover, I bet CVI will win out.

Sean, I agree that they are likely to be incompatible, which will set up a messy battle and confused market. Well, let's see what Hikvision has to say / respond.

VHS vs BETA 2.0?

Is the USA chip producer possibly Texas Instruments?

CVI and TVI hardware won't ever be compatible. VMS manufacturers need to resolve this issue. We use Freedom VMS which is made in Australia and supports all 6 current CCTV technologies being analogue, 960H, IP, HD-SDI, HDCVI and HD-TVI across multiple manufacturer brands.

Andrew, your VMS supports a technology that is not even released (HD-TVI)! That's rather impressive :)

Any VMS can support any 'CCTV technology' simply by using encoders, so I am not sure what's you unique there? Please expand.

John, we fully support Dahua and Hikvision SDK for their range of recorders and IP cameras.

[IPVM Editor's Note: The rest of this long comment was removed as it was mostly a promotion for his company and added little other detail about the topic of this discussion.]

CVI and TVI hardware won't ever be compatible.

Why not? It's likely that even if they are not truly compatible in every way that they will at least be somewhat compatible, since they both claim to be using identical media and analog modulation/QAM as their signal carrier. Like maybe the way NTSC looks when interpreted as PAL. Not good of course, but nothing like the incompatiblity between an IP signal and HD-SDI, right?

Moreover the fact that the signal is analog means that even where there are differences between colorspaces, framerate etc, nothing can prevent one from making the necessary adjustments to interpret it correctly. By definition there is no digital encryption of the signal or complex protocol to help obscure the sauce. Finally, I'm not even sure there's a good reason for them to want to be incompatible. The installed market of CVI is so small that there's plenty new oppurtunities to go around, and they would do well to expend their energies outward rather than at each other.

I should answer "YES"

They really try to compete. I am not sure that our russian market will apply any of them taking into account fail of HD-SDI in Russia.

The performance of Hikvision HD-TVI is so impressive as Dahua CVI, i have samples from both of them. HD-TVI DVRs support: PAL/NTSC, 720p TVI, 1080p TVI and network cameras. My tech team is just waiting who will be first to promote 16ch 1080p 400 fps DVR.

At one hand HD-TVI is to be supported by any of the manufacturer. The biggest chinese manufacturers Hikvision, TVT and Sunell are ready to release conformant products. At the other hand Dahua DVRs in Russia much more popular than others. HD-CVI only disadvantage is its exclusivity from Dahua.

We believe HD-TVI will replace many analog installations. Prices are much lower than Dahua, many options. There is no way Dahua will be able to compete.

Much lower than Dahua???

Dahua's pricing is already ridiculous cheap. How much less can Hikvision's be?

From what we'd seen, it is 25%.
Only 2 cameras have been released(small bullet, small dome).

25% less or 25% of the price?

From what we have seen Dahua's HD CVI pricing ranges from $40 to $100 per camera.

Are you saying Hikvision HDTVI is $30 or $10 per camera?

2 cameras shipping? No dvr? Dealer only access?

If Dahua is OEM'ing an 8CH kit via Q-See for $500 retail, Hik better be willing to beat that price level to the integrator, or at least offer a better selection. I don't see signs of either right now.

Jon, the signs are that Hikvision is gearing up.

I am interested to see how both of these companies execute over the next 2 years. They have a huge opportunity to quickly and significantly take major share from Western incumbents, if they do correctly.

John, I agree that the two big Chinese mfgs are here to stay and may end up dominating the bottom to middle. There will still be room for an Axis or Bosch at the top, but some of the others are going to either fade or merge.

I remember as a new member here a little over a year ago asking about testing some Dahua cams and getting the typical "Chinese Junk" resistance. My how the times have changed, eh?

Juan, excellent info! I really appreciate the insight. I am trying to decide if I want to push CVI hard at the low end and make a concerted effort marketing wise. I think it will be a safe choice for now. I don't think Hikvisions alternative is earth shatteringly better.

Today, Hikvision has officially announced HDTVI. It's basically what was expected.

No pricing yet (beyond being 'competitive with analog') and no North American availability until September.


...high-quality and reliable transmission at 720P / 1080P via coaxial cable. A conventional analog solution will struggle to achieve this resolution...

It will struggle really, really hard.

Until recently, the only option for HD CCTV resolution was the wholesale adoption of IP cameras and their associated technology.

What's this a subtle hat tip to HD-CVI, or a not so subtle snub to HD-SDI?

Neither I guess

Now, with the launch of the Hikvision Turbo HD Analog solution, users can enjoy 720P/1080P without even upgrading to IP or even replacing their existing cabling structure.

Or even struggling.