Any With Experiance Of Avigilon H3 Cameras On Dvtel VMS?


Does anybody know if Avigilon H3 cameras work well with the DVtel VMS?

By work well I mean smooth video and motion detection.

No need for audio or I/O to work.


According to their documentation, some Avigilon H3 models are listed as working under the ONVIF driver, including motion detection.

We haven't tested it, so can't comment on the integration specifically. We'll reach out to DVTel for comment as well.


Why didn't I think of checking that?????

They make it much harder to find than it should be! I almost thought it wasn't public.

FLIR Response:

Sorry for the delay, I had this a couple of days ago.

It detects it and provides a video stream. It won't accept audio or motion events from that camera on the hardware version we tested. Maybe Ethan has an Avigilon H3 he can make accessible.


I have an H3 camera but I'm not sure motion detection event pass over the internet.

Testing Avigilon for motion detection over the internet always failed, as Avigilon get motion event only in LAN and VPN.