Alternatives To Arecont For Outdoor 180 Streetview?

We've used the AV8185DN for several years in this outdoor application. At that time it was about the only offering for this type of application. Telephone Pole mounted, monitoring street view in 180 degree of coverage. Have had decent video recording but the failure rate has been frustrating. Just recently had a few more fail, and I'm wondering if there's been a new alternative. Most of the other panoramics I've looked into are Fisheye, and don't lend themselves to horizontal viewing, nor do they have decent night vision. More for center of a room 360 coverage. I ran the camera finder and the Best Match, but didn't find anything.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

There's the Scallop multi-imager 180s though they have low frame rate at full resolution.

I am hearing a number of manufacturers are announcing multi-imagers at ISC West. Pelco has already publicly mentioned this though not officially announced it yet.

Thanks, and see where you edited it to multi imager, which is more accurate but not mandatory, if there's a new technology out there I don't know about. I've used the scallop and found it (if you can believe this) worse than the Arecont!

The Scallops tested poorly for us, so not surprised.

The new Panasonic 4K panoramic is quite good, but it's still one imager, so there's limits in details / pixel density.

Digital Watchdog just released a 180 3 sensor camera. I haven't tried it but it is the only other alternative that i can think of.

Vincent, it has a 1080p max output stream despite having (3) 1080p imagers, so wide FoV but low pixel density.

DW has another multi-imager coming out that is a 'true' / 'full' res one.

Acti has several multi-imager models coming out soon as well.

According to their own listing, it is scheduled for November 2015.

ACTi has been showing multi-imager models on their website from at least last August (2014), as Ethan and I discussed this over email back then.

I am glad to hear they are going to release them, but it would be great if they actually do it.

Avigilon has one: LINK

Unfortunately its still limited to JPEG2000 compression.

Also, Avigilon's is restricted to their own VMS only.

It's really old at this point, hopefully they have a new series this year.

I understand Avigilon now has an h.264 version that just came out.

Here's an odd one from Stardot:

20MP Dual-hemispheric, vandal resistant, multi-imager, 180 degree camera. Seems like a natural on a pole. Seems like a waste of space as well though. Available now.

Have you looked at the new Axis Q6000-E? It is a 360 view with 4 multi-imagers and can also add a PTZ camera...

Technically "can also add a PTZ camera" is not correct. You're required to use it with a PTZ, if I'm not mistaken.

Michael, yes, for that model, you are required to use a PTZ. It is actually a PTZ accessory.

Axis Launches Multi-Imager Panoramic