Any Suggestions For Easy Emergency Door Locking At A Commercial Office

I'm looking for suggestions. I have a customer who occupys two floors in a commercial building. Each has its own lobby and the doors are kept unlocked during business hours, however, they have wood doors so they can't see in advance who may be coming in and recently they have had issues with that so they would like to be able to lock the door to prevent this from happening. They would also like the receptionist from each floor to be able to lock either door so they have coverage during breaks, etc.

I was thinking something like an Aiphone unit but that doesn't give them the ability to lock the door, only unlock.


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I would incorporate traditional access control, but unlock the door on a normal schedule. Then configure a 'lockdown' button for emergencies like you mention.

That way it becomes straightforward to include life/safety devices like RTE or pushbuttons that keep your solution legal and safe.

Is it just two doors?

Are they double-doors?

It is just two doors that need this functionality. We are going to propose and access system as they have about 30 doors between the two floors. I would need to provide visability as to someone being at the door and then be able to communicate.

We do this routinely for a customer. We add a larger manual button at the front desk that is plainly marked "Override". The personnel are instructed on how it works and why. Several years ago they had an office in the Chicago Merchantile Building, a guy gets on the elevator and stops at a few floors, gets off and sprays gunfire. They could not lock the doors because of the schedule. Now they can, and it has become a standard.

Push it once, it locks, push it again it unlocks. In the locked position, it overrides the door's state and forces a locked state. It stays that way until it is unlocked. You can still exit, but you cannot enter. It is just a programmable relay on the access board.

I forget the part number (at home now) but ADI sells them in a pack, several lens colors to choose from, make your own nomenclature.