Any Information On The Microseven - M7B77 Camera?

M7B77 - Feature full IP Cam with a 1/2.8" Sensor, Firmware get updated often.

DC, I have never even heard of MicroSeven before this. They look an online retailer who OEMs from Asia.

A DNS lookup says the domain is owned by Jun Shen and a LinkedIn search returns a Microseven company listing, claiming 51+ people but only 2 LinkedIn profiles. That further indicates reseller / re-labeller.

As for the M7B77, it seems like an ordinary Chinese OEM camera at a fairly ordinary price.

DC, have you bought from them before? I could see if they provided strong customer service but I am not sure why else you would buy from them vs regular direct from real manufacturers.

Thanks... Pros -- English Firmware, US Support, 1/2.8" Lens, 128GB, Firmware upgrades, Easy External access. Cons - Single Fixed Lens, I have one and plan to look at Side by Side to a same class HIK. Initially Impressed with Image Quality. wondering bout Advantage of the 1/2.8" Sensor .. if Any?

Also cons - this is not legitimate ONVIF conformant, and you are going to be dependent on support and warranty from a small re-seller.

Quite a number of cameras are using the newer Sony sensors so not sure why you want to go with a re-brand?