Any Manufacturers That Fund Leases For Customers?

I know the market is loaded with companies that write leases for customers, but I am wondering if anyone knows of any manufacturers that write the paper themselves? This day and age it I would think it would help generate sales (which is the end goal), retain customers and nearly self-promote vendor loyalty.

Mark, see: Canon Launches Joint Canon / Milestone Financing. What do you think of that?

This is one aspect where I'd think where big companies could market an advantage. These self-underwritten loans are fairly common for copier, phone, and computer companies.

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Thanks to you both. As I mentioned in one of the links, 4% is pretty competitive compared to what I am approached with by the usual suspects in the market. The rates I am being offered off-the-shelf are 3-5 times that rate which is unattractive to a customer. 4% could make a difference for some customers combined with the IRS rules and the ability to refresh your technology every 48 months. Brian's mention of copiers is interesting. I don't know their statistics, but I would say, rightly or wrongly, an awful lot of copiers are moved with a lease.

For years security technology did not change dramatically over a 5 - 10 year period. Now technology can improve markedly over a 3-4 year period, much like the business machine market.