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Any Lead Tracking Software Out There That Is Recommended?

Looking for a descent and effective lead tracking software to gain better insight for marketing purpose.

Hello Syed:

We had a few discussions on this back in the old IPVM LinkedIn forum on this topic. As a general trend, integrating CRM with a quote and inventory management system are common, so the 'best answer' might be shaped by the other platforms you are using and how easily they integrate together.

With that in mind, some platforms that were recommended:

There are many more, however. It would help to know your preference on remote access/cloud based platforms (are you willing to consider web based platforms?), as well as the other systems they will need to integrate with.

Have you looked into HubSpot, Marketo, or Eloqua?

If your goal is marketing oriented, eg: tracking the top of the funnel, that might be a better option.


You mean like a CRM system, like salesforce or?