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Any Issues With Axis Lately?

Just wanting to see if anyone has had issues with Axis recently. We've see a good droppage in support from our local guys (poor email response) and products are coming poorly shipped; washers loose or in the bottom of the box, DoA, etc. The reasons that made us commit and sell Axis products are slipping away.

Trying to figure if we're just in a bad couple months or if they're scaling down and we're seeing the results of that or a change in its product building/shipping. Something has changed and definitely for the bad in our case.

We are just an integrator trying to make some future camera decisions.


We have had no issues, but we only get about ten cameras a month from AXIS. The only issue we have ever had with AXIS is the mount clamps on the M10 series. Basically the new mount pieces did not fit the older versions of the cameras OR the camera they came with, but the old clamps did fit fine. Happened on six or seven units we recieved. Since we were swapping out the old models with the new we could use the old clamp mounts.

Calls and emails to them ref the issue were great. They responded well and quickly. We have not seen any drop off in quality of product or tech support.

Need to clarify that we only buy about ten cameras a month because I am an end user. AXIS is the only IP camera we use and it is our standard.

We dont need much support, but when we do, we really need it. We've seen this fallen off if the last couple years. We feel much the same way and have been testing/selling new lines in addition to Axis. Also we are not a Milestone dealer, so that's going to really push us to move away as there is a large Milestone dealer in our patch that we reckon is going to be really agressive going after our existing Axis accounts, and we're not going to be able to compete.

Just received a DOA single port encoder.....dang. The product support (RMA) has still been fine, it is the sales contacts and other stuff suffering. We are a Gold partner (were last quarter, may drop to silver per latest).

Cameras still run great when up and running though.

I cannot say we are seeing the same problems you are mentioning. I have seen a couple DOA units recently, but it is such a low quantity in comparison to the purchase quantity that it is trivial.

Hi Undisclosed A, I work at Axis and am sorry to hear about your experience. We take customer service seriously and would like to work together to correct any issues you've been having. Please contact me directly at, so we can make sure your feedback reaches the right people. Thanks!

We purchase quite a few Axis M3005-Vs and have had maybe ~5% failure rate lately (last 2 months). In some instances updating firmware via CLI was enough to fix, but some were just DoA. Axis has been fairly responsive w/ RMA.