Any Interest By IPVM To Open Sub-Forums On Other Security Related Topics?

I think the platform and the exposure to the security community in this site is excellent and unique since it's one of the few places i see synergy between manufacturers, distributors, integrators and even end users who can share and talk about their experience, ask questions and see some reviews.

Since my company does not deal with video but a complementary solution to video i was wondering if IPVM thinks that since we bring all those people together already why not being able to discuss other topics and create a community that discusses more broad information.

Dori, thanks.

There's been some discussions about creating sub-forums (e.g., business vs technical, cameras vs NVRs, video vs intrusion, etc.). For now, the approach is that everything is in one discussion group (intrusion, access, video, etc.). The downside of creating sub-forums is that it makes discovery harder as one needs to check each subforum vs scanning a single list.

That said, we originally were video only but we have been covering access control for a number of years and intrusion starting this year. As such, we will look for other ways to divide / segment / show information to members.

For now, you are welcome to post any topic in the general discussion. Other suggestions / recommendations are welcome.