Any Familiarity With Clear2there Or USAG IP Cameras?

Got a customer that got kind of screwed over by a trunk slammer. Have about 15 of these "clear2there" brand cameras that appear to be a sister company of USAG out of Deerfield beach, Fl. I've been able to access one by sheer luck with default admin/admin. The IP scheme start is 80:AA:A4 which is registered to USAG. They have a camera finder that is impossible to download on their website. Quite sure they don't make the camera. I've tried Acti, Vivotek, Dahua and HIK camera finders and none find them. My hope is that I can configure them as OnVif and give them a workable solution.

Try the Sunell IP Search from this page. They look like Sunell relabels.

Thanks Ethan, that's the OEM I'm pretty sure. It's identical to this model: SN-IPV54/04ZDR

There's an IP search download in .rar but when I extracted it, it was a .tar file. That won't run on windows, correct? Any Windows compatible?

For me the IP Wizard II link was an .exe, once installed it shows this:

It didn't find any USAG cameras on my network.

You should be able to open it with something like 7-zip, but not Windows itself. I opened it on my Mac and rezipped it in .zip for you, here.

What's the link for that download?

Clear2There is based in OKC? Rhodes have you heard of them?

Btw, USAG's website is one of the worst I have seen in years. Hello 2008, literally:

Yes, I am familiar with Clear2There. This line is typically marketed to be part of the portfolio carried by VoIP companies.

For small businesses - If you don't have a security integrator, but you have a phone system vendor, this is the dealer 'us-too' offering for those companies.

From past experience, it is not cheap or very powerful (limited VMS features, proprietary camera support, etc), but the major value for the SMB market was it could be purchased through and installed by the existing VoIP vendor.

Here's a link for supposedly free viewer software guaranteed to work on all USAG cameras.

FYI, I was able to download the camera finder from the usag website, though I did not run it.