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Any Experience With The Milestone Husky?

Saw one of these things yesterday. It feels solid, and heavy, like an NVR built by Apple. And of course it's got the XProtect Enterprise behind it.

Any thoughts?

[IPVM Overview of Husky Line]

I am not sure what you mean by 'behind it' but, to quote ourselves, "The M10 is Linux based and comes pre-loaded with Arcus. M30 and M50 have pre-loaded Xprotect Professional on Windows 7, and upgrade to a different edition product (Expert or Corporate) cannot be done- through Interconnect at an additional $119 per channel is available."

I have seen the product and concur it looks and feels good, looks like it could be installaed in a vehicle. The M10(linux) does not support usual client has its own interface, but is said to support the Milestone web and mobiles clients as well. There are no buttons except for on/off switch at back but standard mouse and keyboard does work. Also noticed 12vdc, DVI, HDMI, 4 x USB and 2 Ethernet Ports. Best part is price.

M30(windows) Professional Software feel, only concern will be storage capacity. Did note 2 slots that could be for fibre card for attached storage.