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Any Experience With Extending HDMI Or DVI Signals Over Copper?

I usually have one or two projects each year where I need to keep a PC in one room and display a VMS client application in another room. I've had good luck with fiber extenders (usually using the video portion of a KVM extender), however fiber isn't always in the client's budget. In the past year I've tried using extenders that transmit over category cable, with mixed results. The two products I have used are the DVI-D Digital Extender from Black Box and the DVI Video Extender from StarTech. I haven't seen much of a difference between the two products, as both exhibit the same problems. There is very little configuration on these units. Once installed the video displays for a period of a few days, and then video signal begins to drop. The cables need to be unplugged from the video card and monitor and then reapplied, after a few weeks/days the cycle is repeated. Also when there is a large refresh of the image on the monitor (an application window is closed), the video signal is lost.

I was wondering if anyone has any product recommendations that they like for these applications. In my case, I'm usually under 75' of cable length between the host PC and the monitor.


I have some very good experiences with several I purchased from Amazon among them the Monoprice works as advertised.upto 120 feet with not much problem in my experience. The Cable matters model do work too. I just got some Portta PET50EP HDMI extender . THey're supposed to work on one cable the others worked on 2 cables. I will report.

Binary CAT5/6 HDMI extenders from SnapAV work well for budget minded installs. More expensive brands are needed for long runs or demanding customers.

I have had mixed results with HDMI signals over copper cat5 cables. Monoprice passive HDMI extenders seem to work in a computer room environment (<50ft cable) using a DVI to HDMI converter at the PC. The cable is Cat5e UTP and the monitor has a HDMI input. No DVI.

One 75ft run of 2 cable passive monoprice extenders didn't work in a classroom and I had to upgrade to the monoprice 300ft active extenders. Some sort of interference was causing picture issues even though shielded cat6 cable was run.

This may not be an issue with your DVI setup, but an A/V install in a classroom building that a third party vendor completed has issues using active Extron cat5 extenders to the LCD projectors in the ceiling. Teachers have 'blue screen' problems when DVDs are played from a Blueray player, but the PC desktop (and DVDs played on the PC) are always shown with no issues. The extender manufacturer recommends shielded cat6 cable but the contractor installed unshielded cat5.