Any Experience Using Ubiquiti Wireless Bridge For Long Camera Runs?

I have a customer that has wiring going from one apartment building to another that got ruined. It is about 300 feet, and there are multiple open spaces. So rather then replacing it, I am looking into using Ubiquiti wireless bridge.

Has anyone ever used the Loco M2 as a bridge? I will have clear line of site. The camera is a 5mp Hikvision?

Thank you

Still looking for a solution? The longest run we have a Ubiquiti product doing is about 1200 feet support (5) 1.3 and 2MP cameras. But we've dumped Ubiquiti awhile back and started using Deliberant/Ligowave.

you will be completely fine, i have used the ubiquity stuff alot. I actually prefer to use the Bullets and that will give you a lot more flexibilty in antenna configurations as antennas are cheap, and if you need to change out to an omni in the future and add to it, you have 1 part that can tie into multiple devices. As for the bridge, we have used them extremely reliably in multiple installations, they will out last the camera. I have a site using the 2.4GHz Bulletts shooting accross a street carying about 8-10 cameras for the last 5 years. They have outlasted the cameras, and not a single issue with them.

I agree the Ubiquiti's from 2 or more years ago have been rock solid. The more recent ones.... not nearly so much.

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I'd agree with Undisclosed 1. At that distance, and for a single camera, you'll likely be fine.

If you want to future proof it somewhat, I'd agree with his recommendations on using something with an external antenna. If you/they don't care, though, the Loco M2 should work. I know people running much farther than that without issues.

For 300 feet, it should work. If it doesn't, don't expect much support.