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Any Demand For Smart Street Lights?

Back in 2011 when "smart street lights" started getting press, there was a lot of buzz, but has anyone ever had an end user express interest in IntelliStreets? Las Vegas and a few other big cities did pilots, but I haven't found any clear results or reports on them. It might be worth putting in a request to Vegas to see what came of it. Have you heard of any demand for this?

If you need a refresher on what the technology was here's the video they put out in 2011:

Is this like the Axis / Newark airport thing that recently got press? Axis / Sensity Super LED Lighting Security System At Newark Airport?

It is similar! But I'm curious to know why I can't find any results of these pilots. Place at least announce if pilot has ended or something. It's like they piloted the technology and then ... nothing. Maybe that nothing is that answer to the result of the pilots.

I did an academic project on these street lights and have 3 of these at our factory! We interviewed various segments - emergency management, real estate developer, Public works, cellular, utilities and advertising companies. Everybody likes the concept but nobody wants to pay the full price for technologies not directly benefiting them. the most enticing segment was advertising companies who would like to pay as much as $.10/minute (each side) for banner ads at prime location which can easily pay off the street light within few months.

In my opinion if these technologies are positioned as an upgrade to a "typical" light pole, it is impossible to justify 5-10X upfront cost for future energy savings.


Good feedback! Thanks.

"Everybody likes the concept but nobody wants to pay the full price for technologies not directly benefiting them."

I hear you. That's a similar challenge in retail when companies try to add in marketing / operational analytics :)

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