Any Covert LPR Pole Camera Recommendations?

We have a client that has done business with us for years, normally very easy to manage, realistic expectations, great customer by all accounts. They have purchased an LPR and corresponding general view camera from us to add to an existing site we installed last year. We are using a MESSOA camera, pole mounted, with a wireless bridge and a nema box for switchgear.

At the last minute, he said, "oh, yeah, we need to conceal this so its not obvious"... D'oh!

I'm not usually at a loss of words or expertise, but Im' coming up with nothing as far as how to "add covertness" to a pole mounted license plate camera. Anyone got any ideas???

This is my question, I couldnt post directly for some reason.

and yes, he was completely serious about this.

This should be fun...

I'm sure others have better examples, but is disguising the pole an option?

I went to highschool with a guy that sells a service to disguise cell towers with fake tree limbs and rubber bark for snobby neighborhoods. He apparently has enough work to be more than full-time at it.

The location of the LPR pole might nix the idea as being impractical or stupid, but just to bring it up...

Good thinking, would be even more obvious in this particular scenario though.

This is the drive to give you an idea...