Any Alarm Dealers Affected By Upcoming 2G Sunset?

We are just over a week away from the 2G sunset, I was wondering if any alarm dealers here have been affected by this? Seems like there has been plenty of advance warning, but legacy installers with thousands of 2G radios may have had to scramble.

Any first hand experiences or war stories to share?

We were pleasantly surprised at the lack of pushback on upgrading these customers. We had a pretty decent markup on the swap and didn't lose anyone.

We replaced over A LOT of units last year well before the sunset's been coming for years. War stories you ask? The provider we chose for about 600 units has utterly failed us, we are currently at "war" with them for help resolving the mess they created.

What kind of mess?

Interesting. I am somewhat surprised to hear you got in a jam, it is not like any of the equipment you are dealing with for this should be overly complex or "bleeding edge". I would think it would all be very straightforward.

It was supposed to be straight forward. We moved from one provider to another and the new provider for a particular client and the new cell radios aren't properly relaying signals to the central station as they go through the providers servers before they push them on to the central. They're blaming it on the carrier but we have another provider who also uses verizon with just as many accounts and zero issues. It's been a nightmare transistion. We will probably be moving those accounts to the provider with no issues this next year.

Would you care to disclose the provider?

I would rather not. We have gone through nearly every cellular manufacturer over the last few years, and one out of the 4 we have tried actually works consistently.

I realize I am being pretty vague here, but I don't want to get into details at this time. I will say that we have installed thousands of cellular radios. We have a lot of experience and typically know more regarding the full operation than the providers. Getting technical support from the manufacturers has been the worst part of all of this. We only have one we deal with that is good.

We upgraded / are making the last minute push this week to move our 2g customers to aes mesh where we can.

Its only mid-afternoon at one carrier, at least:

T-Mobile says its 2G network will stay active through 2020