Ant/Bug Infestation In An Arecont 8365

Hey All,

Client has a Arecont 8365 Surround Dome on the corner of his dealership. Today, he got a big infestation of ants inside it, and its never had any issues in the 2 yrs its been up. Any thoughts? Seen worse?

ants in dome

I'll raise you a ladybug infestation:

I took this screenshot on an older Axis PTZ at a nearby College during a 'clean and refocus' visit.

That's actually pretty nice artwork...should frame it on your office wall

It actually made me feel like ralphing. Seeing all those dead insect parts up close was not cool. I wasn't even the tech who had to empty that dome out. Grossout.

Impressive focus considering distance to target...

Inside the dome?

It's an IP66 and IK10 rated dome. Wow...