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ANPR That Tracks Vehicle Speed?

Has anyone seen a IP based ANPR solution that also gives vehicle speed?


What exactly are you trying to accomplish? From the law enforcement side I might be able to point you in a direction but not sure if it would be what you are looking for. Most in car camera systems are migrating to IP based cameras but the radar/lidar is not usually tied directly into the system. Most other LPR systems with vehicle speed are the proprietary speed and red light camera systems.

Dahua has 'average speed measurement' (whatever that means) in their Radar Detection ALPR System.

The technical specs are not well-defined, but it looks likes the Embedded Speed Enforcement portion of their ALPR solution is an optional add-on for the ALPR camera (see the links; it's tough to tell). :)

Responding to a RFP from hell. Industrial complex wants to monitor, record and be notified of vehicles going above the speed limit and it should be integrated directly into the VMS platform. Genetec told me they have nothing integrated off hand that can do that other then using two of their LPR cameras to calculate the speed of the cars passing between them which won't work in this situation.

As stated in the RFP:

  • "Control system and cameras management with system of (Automatic Number plate Recognition) to recognize car Numbers of cars exceeding the limited speed within the industrial complex."

Good find Marty but as you said the info is rather sparse. One major problem with radar is beam spread and the distance to target. Additionally, the distance between targets and if there is two way traffic can make things problematic. Shift start/change at a few access points with single lanes would still be a problem with close spacing. I can't think of anything that would not require a lot of money and frustration. The few manufactures who manufacture the speed and red light cams do not integrate with other systems and the cost is usually offset by the traffic fines collected

It sounds like LPR is the primary security factor and vehicle speed is a side issue for safety. If that's the case why not go the simple route with a road sign radar unit as they are fairly compact these days. Check out This would provide employees with the posted speed limit and also flash their speed and a warning. This alone usually slows down traffic and if it is placed where the camera/ALP captures the image then all the better as a deterrent. Pretty low tec but would be rather inexpensive and if just a few notices to employes were sent out to include the image with speed that would be even better.

Of course if they are determined to go the complex route with LPR, lidar, auto ticketing with speed sensing auto deployed hydrolic bollards then good luck.

There is an Italian product of a partner of ours (Technologies Associates) that would perfectly fit your requirements, if you like Milestone as well as VMS.. I write to you here below the sentences claimed by Felix Keil, TeAs Managing Director:

Technology Asociates has certified the IPView LPR Viper completely integrated into the Milestone XProtect VMS Platform
We perform over the TCP/IP full control and real time data transfer of ANPR Images and contextual colour images sincronized 1/1000 sec.
High speed scanner performs up to 75 fps/sec. and up to 150 Mph (250 KM(h) and up to 2 lanes contemporaneally scanned.
Speed measurement and veihicle classification is performed with a separate laser scanner sensor made from us that also is integrated into the VMS.
Platform is scalable as you want.
Technology Associates IPView LPR Viper platform has been officially certified from Connex / USA / Minnesota.

For further information please contact:




Thank You! Will contact them and see what they have to offer.

This might be a late reply, but i was searching IPVM for ANPR related article when I stumbled onto your question

i have tested an used ARH for ANPR and they are good, they do have a product (which i have not tested) claiming to read speeds upto 250KM/H you might wana check them out.

Industrial cameras | anpr camera | fxcam | number plate recognition camera | container code recognition camera | speed enforcement camera | Traffic technology: special software and hardware from ARH Inc.

Hi All, I am a bit late but would like to refresh the topic to see if there was some development recently. 

I am looking for a software that is able to use the existing camera installation to record the vehicle speed.

Thanks a lot, Tomislav