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BRS Lab Partner Gets TV Coverage

There's a company from Louisiana claiming they have analytics that can "learn" suspicious behavior and that it's been installed in Houston and thousands of cameras around the world. A look at the Crescent Guard website shows that they are a BRS Labs partner.

Their tag line: "When it comes to preventing and solving crimes, what if surveillance cameras could learn to spot suspicious behavior before a crime is committed?"

The cost: $5,000 per camera, according to the news report below:

According to their website, Crescent Guard is a BRS Labs partner. Is this something Crescent Guard developed or it just a BRS installation?

I don't think this is anything new or any different than Video Analytics. What's perplexing is their analytics can "learn" only based on what a human enters into a system as acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Israel has been using analytics like this for years, but it won't do a thing if there isn't a person actively managing these cameras or responding to an alert triggered by an abnormal action (such as leaving a backpack on the ground).

Systems will never ever replace the needed hands on involvement by humans (well, maybe intelligent robots would someday, like iRobot) to take action so how can it PREVENT crime any different/better than a well-implemented access control or VCA analytics for example?